Snippets from Pollenca and the Hoposa Pollentia Hotel

To celebrate my 21st Birthday my Mum and I took a little girly weekend away to Majorca, Pollenca at the hotel Hoposa Pollentia to be precise. I stepped off the plane Iphone camera at the ready waiting to start a full weekend of relaxing, memory making and snapping some candid no too professional pictures for a memory of our trip. I thought I would share them with you, I have to say they’re not quite holiday brochure-worthy but worth a little flick through if you’re thinking of taking a trip to Majorca yourself.

The hotel we stayed in was absolutely beautiful not a thing or situation was out of place the theme and style of the hotel is what caught my eye when booking it’s just so minimal yet beautiful, full to the brim of rustic raw materials and cleverly crafted architecture. The attention to detail in this hotel was phenomenal and I was almost like a kid in a candy store every day admiring new little hidden Gems that I hadn’t seen the day prior.

The seating area at the front of the hotel was very luxurious with a vast selection of beautiful beds, seats, and canopy sun loungers to choose from not to mention the beautiful lighting choices. Wireless buttons are dotted around the grounds of the hotel which could be pressed if you wanted a drink (although I have to say I’m the kind of person that would feel bad to press something like this and would prefer to get up and get a drink myself) but still, a very high end touch if you’re wanting to fully zone out and not lift a finger on your break. There was also a gym on site for anyone not wanting to miss out on training and a vast selection of cocktails to choose from at the alfresco bar! not to mention the breakfast buffet of dreams. I will definitely be booking this hotel again very soon!

My stay in this hotel was in no way gifted or a collaboration.


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  1. May 28, 2019 / 7:07 pm

    This hotel looks beautiful, I love the minimalist look! My boyfriend and I have been looking at places to visit for a short break and after seeing this post, I’m definitely keen to stay at this hotel x

    Shannon |

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