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What to pack from ASOS for a weekend in Cornwall-The Essentials

All of the pieces I’ve chosen to take with me are available on ASOS and I click & collected these at my local CollectPlus Point. With over 7,000 locations across the UK, even people like me who live in the middle of nowhere can have the reassurance of their parcels being delivered and left safety at a place nearby ready to be picked up at a time that suits. They’re all in such convenient places, whether this be at your local supermarket for when you’re doing your weekly shop or at a petrol station you pass by on your way home from work, you don’t ever have to worry about missing that all important parcel and staying in for deliveries.

For me packing can be a bit hectic I always seem to have a rough list I’ve jotted down a couple of days prior of what I want to take fully supported by no end of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘I’ll put that in just in case’ scenarios and before I know it I’m sat on my case forcing it to shut like it’s the cases fault for being so indecisive.

Packing for a specific season is quite easy or if you’re off to a warm climate, pop lots of swimwear in and some cute dress, denim shorts and sunglasses and you’re more or less good to go. But what about a mid-season holiday based in the UK? Cornwall to be exact.

When planning for my recent Cornish getaway I was quite sumped at what I should be packing because the recent weather has been all over the place, are we taking the transition to Spring or taking two steps back to winter? nobody knows. Which is why I wanted to share my best recommendations and thoughts for packing at this tricky time of year, without being too excessive.

As much as I wanted to go full-on summer with this post because Asos have the most beautiful pieces coming through I had to be sensible. Standing in a Cornish town in 9-degree temperatures in nothing but a Spring dress isn’t going to be practical. And with Cornwall being such a beautiful coastal area with lots of towns to explore I need to think practical when it comes to footwear. From previous visits I have noticed the whole fashion vibe down south is very relaxed so I am totally rolling with that with my items of recommendation.

The kind of tops you want to be packing need to be realistic, things you can layer or knitted styles, something with a bit more substance than a pretty little spaghetti strap cami. Firstly I have opted for a bodysuit, a bit chilly? layer over it, sat outside a cafe and find yourself in a slight suntrap? fab, wear it as a tee! I have also gone for a knitted Bardot top. If you happen to have a slightly warmer day where you think you can be a bit more daring with your top of choice this would be perfect, it is also the ideal little number to be wearing for a cozy cafe visit or smart enough to be worn in the evening at one of Cornwall’s relaxed restaurants.

Other items I would recommend include, sweatshirts, striped t-shirts, a white linen shirt, hooded styles and maybe a dressy top if you’re feeling fancy.

Moving on to bottom options, as I said before the weather is going to be very unpredictable, my initial thoughts were pack a midi skirt, but then decided against it when picturing myself standing on a blustery coastline in rather chilly temperatures. I also toyed with the idea of a denim skirt but again we can’t quite guarantee legs out weather so it’s probably best not to waste space with items that have a very low chance of being worn, especially as this is only a weekend packing guide. That being said I have opted for Jeans, practicality over style for this one but nobody wants to be cold so we’ll play it safe with an essential denim jean option for now, however, trousers could work equally well so whichever you prefer.

Footwear, again so many Summer styles available but no weather to wear them with that in mind and open toe options not being at the forefront of my must-have list I have opted for this super cute pair of trainers that scream Spring with their beautiful dusty tone. As I said previously Cornwall is the perfect place to explore so you’re going to want something you can walk in for a good amount of time and not have shoe troubles ruining your day. Packing one pair of smart shoes/sandals is always a good idea in case that fancy top is needed, you never know where the day might take you. A pair of sliders/flip flops for any beachy commutes are a good idea too, if the weather forecast isn’t great and you have space maybe try and squeeze in a pair of boots.


Not taking a coat at this time of year isn’t even an option so I would recommend packing something you know will keep you warm even if the worst of weather forecasts are sprung on you and a lighter option for if the weather is on your side. As we have plenty of warm coats left from winter I thought I would show you a nice Spring option, this white jacket is perfect for the upcoming seasons and will also keep you on trend with the must-have broiderie detail. Trench coats and biker jackets could be a great alternative, even a big chunky knit cardigan for cozy nights.

lastly, bags and accessories, after looking at what space you have left once all of the above has been packed you will get a good idea as to how many accessories you can squeeze in. We’re talking just a weekend here so remember you don’t need to go too crazy (easier said than done!). Key accessories for this time of year are hair accessories which don’t take up much space, and a form of basket bag will really have you nailing another key trend. However, if you’re more into being totally hands-free for this type of holiday a rucksack style could work really well, Asos have some great ones. If your accommodation has a pool maybe pack two swimwear options, a cozy loungewear set for the evening andddd relax!


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