Organise your whole life in one app

The Twasme app,

The Twasme app is an app I have recently discovered it allows you to organize your entire life in one place, you can add files, add images, create lists, mark in dates- you name it you can pretty much do it on this app.

I see the app as my on the go digital organizer, One of the ways I find it really useful is when I’m out and about on trains and for example, I get an email in for work with a brief or contract on I can send it straight from the email to the app where I can easily view it whenever I want. Don’t worry the app is zero-knowledge encryption meaning they cannot view any files you save to the app or upload to it.

I can also create to-do lists and I can place them under different categories, if I have a weekly work to-do list I would tap on my work section if it’s for a project I would tap on the project section, if it was for my pet… you get the picture.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that there are so many different categories that you can organize you’ll never be lost on what to plan.

Just a few more are

Travel, family, events, sport, home, and recipes. There is even a section for you to plan your wedding!

Personally, I find the app great for planning my work especially campaigns and brand collaborations as I can upload the images and set dates on when they need to be posted, and I can add in any notes for example the relivent hashtags or a reminder to post a story. I can also upload outfit pictures for when I’m on shoot days to revert back to so I know what order to shoot things in.
You could also create a file with images of your favorite outfits so if you’re stuck for what to wear you could create yourself a digital wardrobe, the possibilities are endless! I would say the more you put into the app the more you get out of it.

If you’re looking for a fresh high tech way of getting your life in order that isn’t going to way your bag down this app will totally be a helping hand!


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