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My Top Tips For Black Friday Sale shopping

1) Make a list/fill your wishlist/basket before the sale starts

If you want to get serious about the Black Friday sales and spend your money wisely I would always recommend making a list of what it is you’re hoping to purchase and stick to it! don’t get distracted, I repeat do not get distracted! If you have a list and you know exactly what it is you want you can filter down to the exact products, trust me this can really help filter out other distractions that you hadn’t originally planned to buy and that you probably don’t need. Doing this will not only save your bank balance but it will save you hours of scrolling time that could have been utilized snapping up the last size in that coat you so desperately wanted! If you want to be really organised add all of the items into your wish list/basket that you would buy and if they do go into the sale you have them all ready to go and you can check out as fast as possible.

2) Think to yourself will I wear this? And don’t just buy things just because they’re cheap.

A bargain isn’t a bargain if you buy it and never wear it, don’t get sucked into things you love at first sight just because of the price tag, when in reality you will probably never wear it. Also, Dig deep! ( or should I say scroll deep) and find exactly what it is you’re looking for if you don’t find it walk away or try another site, impulse buying and buyer’s remorse are the worst!

3) Don’t leave it to chance, things sell out fast!

If there is something you really want and it goes into the sale buy it straight away, items often sell out in hours and there’s nothing more disappointing than coming back to your shopping basket to see that in the past hour it went out of stock. Nothing will leave you wanting something more than a ‘sold out’ sign. If you are unsure as to what size you want just buy two and send the other one back that doesn’t fit, don’t wait for it to arrive to then be the wrong size, have yourself covered from this kind of unwanted disappointment. However always make sure to read the brands returns policy first.

4) Invest in staple pieces

As I said before it can be very easy to get distracted by a cheap price tag. Unless there is a specific trend led piece you’re looking for in the sale maybe think about looking for versatile staple items that you know you will wear over and over, maybe a teddy coat or black boots. If you’re looking to buy into designer goods do your research on the items first so you’re ready to make the purchase insantly without hestiation.

5) Set Reminders/sign up to mailing lists

To minimize disappointment make sure to set reminders so you know what times/days the brands you want to shop launch their sale, just because it’s called Black Friday doesn’t mean all the deals will be on that day some have already started. I also find a great way of being reminded is by signing up to mailings lists, I know they can be a little annoying but for this time of year they’re a great way to get first sight of the deals! Some brands even offer early access to sales if you’re signed up so it’s worth looking into.


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