How I Have Implemented ‘The Secret’ Into My Day To Day Life

Today’s post is a very mindful one and I am not writing this to talk about mental health but instead talk about how I implemented this book into my life and how I have used it to make my days more positive, run smoothly and be stress-free.

Towards the end of last year, I had many people recommend the book ‘The Secret’ to me. Various people had told me how it had changed their whole outlook on life and how it helped them improve their day to day mindset by looking at everything from a different perspective and putting parts of The Secrets knowledge to practice. I received this book for Christmas with slight optimism as to whether it would be any use to me but after reading the first two pages I was 100% on board with everything this book had to offer, it was just so relatable and I mentally clicked with everything I was reading.

After having lots of questions over on Instagram in return to me posting a picture of The Secret on my story I have written some key pointers and information about how I introduced The Secret into my life below.

If any of you give them a try I would love to hear how you got on.

Be realistic with time

One thing for me that I find brings on stress and anxiety is rushing, even more so if I have a train to catch. The cause of this stress is totally unnecessary and can be resolved by time. I find the experience I have in the first 2 hours of my day is basically a taste of what to expect for the rest. A key point relating back to The Secret, specifically the law of attraction is to imagine you have a personal genie that can hear everything you think/say and can see everything you do. The genie will send back to you everything you put out to the world so if you’re negative you can expect negativity back and vise-versa for positivity. So starting the day positive will then bring you positivity from the outset, therefore ensuring you a much more seamless, positive day. Which for me means making my mornings run as smooth as possible. I always think the day before how long it is going to take to complete my morning routine and the process of getting out the door and then add on extra time even if I don’t need it because it’s surprising how fast time will go when you’re already getting short of it. I also read in The Secret that saying things like ‘I don’t want to be late’ will only be heard by the universe as ‘I want to be late’ as that whole sentence is implying negativity so yep that is was you can expect. Don’t let sentences like this spring to mind just be certain you will be there on time and you will be.

Get negative thoughts out of your head instantly

I feel this point is a big contender in this list as it is very powerful in many ways. Going back to what I was saying about the ‘genie theory’ from The Secret if you let negativity get through to you-you are basically opening yourself up to a whole load of negativity ahead.

As soon as I get any kind of negative thoughts I will quite literally say ‘NO’ in my mind to change my train of thought and allow myself a few seconds to think about something positive. Once I have that thought in my mind I will hold it until the negativity goes away to ensure I stay on my positive path.

If you find it hard to think of something on the spot The Secret suggests having something on you at all times that you can pull out of your bag and look at, whether this be a picture a piece of writing or a video, whatever it may be have it easy to get to for any second you need to banish some negativity.

Smile at people its amazing how many smile back

This is something I have really tried to implement more into my life over the past few weeks. It’s pretty hard to feel negative if you’re smiling. Smiling at someone and getting a smile back is a very refreshing feeling, not only does it give you a second of mindfulness it may also brighten up the other persons day too. I find the opportune places to do this are on the tube and escalators because this is quite an open time when people are less likely to be on their phones or looking down.

The same goes for small talk chatting to someone briefly can really help spread positivity and can also be very interesting too.

Help people

With the hectic life’s a lot of us have it can be very easy to go about your day focused on yourself and your to-do list. Powering along in your own world, but I find great pleasure in taking a few minutes out of each day to help people. Helping others is a very positive thing to do and I can assure you the world will bring you the help in return when you need it the most, it might not be something huge but you will notice it and will begin to feel the benefits of the positive law of attraction.

After putting the above to practice I really started seeing the rewards and improving my life mentally which also led to things improving physically I have found the more energy I put into this positive state of mind the higher quantity of rewards I see coming back, the universe is a very powerful thing.

This is only a very brief post on a few points that I picked up from the book but I am more than happy to go more in-depth if anyone would find it useful.


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