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Henry London Watches

Having been wearing Henery London watches for almost a year now I just wanted to have a little chat on here about how impressed I have been with this brand. I have worn a huge range of their watches some of the recent ones I have been wearing include the heritage square in leather and metal, Grey Finchly small and large, Edgware and the rose gold Richmond. The thing I love the most about Henry Watches is that they really do have such wide selection to choose from with an amazing colour range that really makes the watches feel one of a kind and unique to others on the market, there is something for everyone and every occasion. And also not to mention they have an incredible engraving service that allows you to write a name or message on the back of the watch making it ideal for a thoughtful gift.
In terms of the quality to price comparison I am very impressed, the watches have always felt of a way higher quality than what you are paying for unlike other watch brands I have come across that often have stiff uncomfortable straps. I have also never been faced with any breakages or faults with any of my watches which allows me to say I would 100% recommend them to a friend, family and of course you guys!


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