Faux leather and knitwear

You don’t have to look far to see how on trend faux leather goods have been recently, from jackets, to leggings, to trousers and even tracksuit bottoms which I’m talking about today.

If I’m totally honest I’ve never really been into leather clothing but over the past few months it’s been a trend that has really grown on me and opened my eyes to a whole new style of dressing. I started out with leggings as they are a great go to with long jumpers and enabled me to ‘do leather’ without feeling too extreme. After getting comfortable with the minimal option I noticed a more sports-luxe style of trouser cropping up. I got my hands on an affordable pair from New Look because when buying into a trend I always opt for a cheaper option just incase I don’t gel with it but thats certainly not the case this time.

To keep the trouser looking feminine and chic I opted to pair them with a minimal shoe and a classic jumper that has fabulous balloon sleeves, another big tick on a key trend. I’m really happy with the outcome of this look as I wanted to push the ‘luxe’ side of these trousers not the sports vibe they give off .


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