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Over on my Instagram I pride myself in offering relatable fashion inspiration that is accessible for everyone. Which means I very rarely feature designer goods on my feed. But I have recently discovered a brand that offer an incredible service making designer bags accessible for everyone.

The brand I am talking about is Bag Butler a new start up luxury rental service. I have been talking to and met up with the owner of bag butler recently and have been very impressed with what they offer.

Basically the way the service works is you select what you would like to rent, check it’s availability and then go ahead and purchase the bag for the length of time you would like it for. You then get to enjoy your luxury item and wear it to any event or specific occasion you may have. Once your time is up you package the bag up and a currier will come and collect it- Totally hassle free!

Scroll down to see what lovely items I have been enjoying the past few days.


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