5 Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Firstly, I’m just going to put it out there it is pretty ironic that I’m even writing this post as rewind back a month and I would have been pretty open about the fact that keeping my room spotless was always quite a task and that my weekly scheldule always had an organisation afternoon jotted in somewhere along the line. However, having been stuck in my house every day I’ve come to notice where I have been going wrong with my space and why it was always a mess! If you have already mastered a pristine room this post may not be for you, but seems as you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re in the same boat I was. Hopefully these simple but handy tips that I’ve found work for me can help you too.

Before I get into these tips I thought I would just mention that I had a bit of a ‘rig jig’ with my bedroom at the start of the lockdown. I’m very fortunate to have a great sized room but not-so-great shaped/sized walls which makes using the space to It’s full potential pretty hard. I thought about where I could place things to really make the most out of them. For a long time, I had my dressing table at the bottom of my bed and given that my bedroom is a rectangle size with a triangle-shaped roof as we don’t have a loft I would find myself squeezing in-between my bed and table just to sit and dry my hair, not to mention bending down in the process trying not to hit my head on a beam. This whole situation was just not practical and at times a little frustrating. I now have my dresser in the middle of my room on the highest part of the wall where I can freely get to it and blow dry my hair until my heart’s content, without cramming myself into a small space. So just think about the things/areas of your room you want to use the most and go from there try to think as practical as possible.

SO here goes my top (random) tips for keeping a tidy room.

THE FLOORDROBE// Don’t even let it happen, and no lying clothes over the chair in the corner doesn’t count either (despite having done this for years myself) Avoiding the floor, and anything else for that matter at all costs has been a huge help in keeping my room tidy. Now I totally get it you’ve worn something for maybe 2 hours it’s not dirty so it doesn’t go in the wash equally it doesn’t feel right to put it in your wardrobe with clean clothes either, At this point it would be very easy to ‘dump’ it somewhere and revisit it the next day, we’ve all been there but that one item is already the base to a fast-growing floordrobe that we are trying to avoid. So to get around this problem I have a small wash-like basket in my room specifically for the ‘in-between clothing’ let’s say. I pop clothes in and grab them out the next day it’s a simple one but genius and you’ll see a big difference if you stick with it.

SECONDLY, THE DREADED FRESHLY WASHED PILE OF CLOTHES// Much like the floordrobe make it your absolute mission to put every single item away, don’t leave them balanced on a fixture in your room ‘to sort later’ because why kid yourself they’re totally not going to be ‘sorted later’ and you’re probably just going to grab your outfits from there for the foreseeable which defeats the object of having a wardrobe anyway. I’ve found keeping on top of this simple task minimises the risk of random clothes and the odd-sock floating around my bedroom floor these are the kind of things that just sit there and you’re not sure if they’re clean or not.

NEXT UP- MAKE SURE EVERYTHING HAS A SET PLACE // This is something that I’ve really focused on recently I noticed my room was becoming messy as I would place items anywhere and everywhere and having ‘tidy piles’ ) which look anything BUT tidy dotted around my room) of things. This is something I have completely stopped, I’ve made sure that everything now has a set place/drawer I’m not saying every single drawer is utterly immaculate but I would rather that than everything be everywhere. So whenever you use something just put it straight back where you got it from. I know these things sound so simple but they are very easy to ignore. Every time I use my hair curler I put it away ready for the next day, I could leave it perched on the edge of my dresser but this causes unnecessary mess and a messy frame of mind. Even if it seems pointless putting something away I always do it for good practice. I recently purchased a set of drawers from Ikea that I have placed next to my dressing table almost like an extension on a house where I can put all of my products and bottles away in a tidy formal manner, instead of them taking over my dressing table and falling onto the floor when I sit at it. I have even given my hair bottles and clips a little drawer this is how deeply invested I am in a tidy space! But to have a constantly clean tidy room I’m happy to go to these measures!

TIDY SURFACES, EG BEDSIDE TABLE // I have noticed the top of surfaces can very easily get untidy giving off an overall messy looking space. I have opted to have clear open surfaces to avoid this. Before on my window cill I found things would gather like books, jewellery, candles, hair bobbles, hairbrushes and fluffy pairs of socks, not literally but you can see where I’m going with this, now I’m left with clean clear spaces as they have all been put away and stay away until in use. lets briefly touch on the bedside table this is an area that can become a fast-growing pile of mess! I now keep mine as minimal as possible with only the key ‘bedtime’ essentials eg. a lamp and lip balm, not the past two days water glasses!!

LASTLY // MAKE YOUR BED – I always make sure to make my bed as soon as I get up this sets you off on the right path for your day and keeps your room looking fresh. I also find folding up any nightwear onto my pillow or popping away in my bedside table helps stop it ending up on the floor looking messy, that way it’s in a nice neat pile for me to come back to, also who doesn’t love getting into a tidy made bed!

So that is my top 5 tips for maintaining a tidy room, they may seem simple but stick with it and you’ll see a big change in your bedrooms appearance. If you have any other tips or tricks feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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