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16 of the best smock dresses online right now – Wishlist

It’s no wonder why smock dresses are such a popular choice for many wardrobes, as well as being a pretty hot fashion topic this season. They’re stylish, feminine, chic and best of all COMFY. You literally CAN NOT GO WRONG with a smock dress! Long or short they work pretty similar. I wouldn’t say the length you choose would make the dress any smarter or casual, they can both be totally dressed up with a minimal shoe and a little bag or dressed down with trainers. Given the current circumstances, like many I’ve been reaching for the trainer look as it’s just great for popping to the shops or nipping out for a gentle stroll. And with the weather being so hit and miss they work well in the heat but also keep your legs covered if the heavens decide to open on you! (If you opt for a long one) I’ve done some digging and pulled out some smock dresses of all colours and lengths that have caught my eye recently AKA meaning they’re basically on my wish/soon to buy list!


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