My Favourite Go-To Outfit This Year So Far

January 25, 2019

Welcome back to another blog post! This post is a super quick one, I had such a lovely time shooting this outfit and have lots of left over pictures that I wanted to share so I thought I would pull them together in a little lookbook style blog post!

This outfit has definitely been one of my favorites so far this year, I have always been a lover of a skirt, tights and chunky boots combo and if I was to describe my perfect go-to outfit it would be this! Everything is from River Island all linked below.

(A few of the items in this post were gifted but all opinions are my own) – shot by Sarah Ellen

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3 responses to “My Favourite Go-To Outfit This Year So Far”

  1. Shannon says:

    These are the most beautiful photos! Absolutely adore this outfit x

    Shannon |

  2. Gary Melican says:

    Totally agree with Shannon – adore this outfit!

    A definite “go-to”

    Gary |

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